The greatest gift we can give our children and grandchildren is a healthy environment.

To give everyone the opportunity to leave a living environmental legacy, we’re creating new pathways to land conservation.

Australians care deeply about the environment and the restoration and protection of our landscapes for future generations. Many are demanding government action, but with over 60% of all land in Australia privately owned, there’s only so much they can do. To prevent further habitat loss and secure more land for nature, we need to give landholders, communities and investors the tools and confidence they need to participate in private land conservation.

That’s where BioDiversity Legacy fits in. We provide secure pathways to land conservation and long-term, intergenerational stewardship. You can be part of the solution. Read on to learn more.

BioDiversity Legacy Ltd is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting a groundswell of individuals, communities and organisations who care about protecting our landscapes and ensuring the equitable transfer of land to future generations.

The BDL model is adaptable and our solutions are tailored to each property and circumstance. We don’t want to see the land locked up, but used in a sustainable way and shared/enjoyed by the community and by the families who donate or bequeath them to the Legacy.

The paths are many, but the destination is the same – a clean, biodiverse environment that benefits us all


BioDiversity Legacy works with landholders, families, special interest groups, investors, local communities and others to secure private properties and manage them within Community Land Trusts.

In some cases, families donate their properties to the Legacy. In others, we bring funders together to secure strategically-located properties that support diverse and threatened species and habitats.


Starting with four diverse properties in the Avon Wilderness region of Gippsland, the number of properties secured and conserved with BioDiversity Legacy Community Land Trusts is growing rapidly.

Our model and approach is resonating with landholders and communities across the country, especially with those who are considering how to protect and steward their properties for future generations.

Photo credits: Top banner by Jan A Gorlach. This background by Marnie Hawson.