Community Land Trust properties

The number and type of landscapes protected via BioDiversity Legacy Community Land Trusts is growing steadily as more individuals and communities respond to our vision and mission. See our properties below.

 BioDiversity Legacy properties, or groups of properties, are generally selected around: the leadership and commitment of the landowner to preserving habitat, community support, bio-linking potential (e.g. adjacency to other protected properties or State/National Parks) environmental integrity, stewardship support and intergenerational participation.  

We work closely with individuals and communities to assess the landscape, identify way to secure properties and transfer the title to a Community Land Trusts (CLT). The selection of below represents the first group of properties secured by CLTs in 2022.


The first group of properties to be protected via BioDiversity Legacy is EcoGipps venture in the Avon wilderness region of Gippsland, Victoria.

Founded by the well-known environmental philanthropists, Jim, Heather, David and Kate Phillipson, EcoGipps has so far restored and protected over 1,000 acres, creating bio-links to public reserves.


In 2022 the Nooramunga team purchased Little Dog Island, a 150-acre island adjoining the Corner Inlet Ramsar site in South Gippsland.

The island represents an outstanding example of coastal saltmarsh, a distinctive ecological community that is under increased pressure from coastal development.

Cathedral Wildlife Corridor

In Victoria’s Central Highlands and located in a valley dominated by the volcanic peaks of the Cathedral Range, in 2022 a 100-acre property was offered for sale.

Concerned about its long-term protection, a local group came together to purchase the property and save it for future generations.